Daily Dose of Dave

Alligator Pie

There’s two things about this song you should know. First, the main story of the song follows a theme that’s carried throughout the album it’s found on. ‘Alligator Pie’ was recorded in New Orleanes, as with the rest of “Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King”. The flavor of the city oozes on this track, and the lyrics spin a story about survivors of Hurricane Katrina, a recent part of the city’s history that has made an indelibly mark on it’s culture.

The other thing, is that Dave Matthews has young twin daughters. One of the recurring themes throughout his lyrics is that of Grace, be it in whatever form. Grace happens to be one of his daughter’s names. His other daughter, Stella, started to get a bit jealous, asking “When are you gonna put ME in a song?!” And that’s how the song was born!