Daily Dose of Dave

Rain Down On Me
Santana’s Supernatural-Legacy Edition

This is an early version of the now fan favorite JTR, which always reminds me of Christmas.
Two years ago around Christmas time I was in Vermont hanging out with my friend Jared. We ended up pulling an all nighter, staying up playing music an doing a bit of drinking (by a bit, I’m inferring A LOT OF). Sometime during the night he bet me all of his presents (Christmas is an EVENT in his family, so I’m not talking about wool socks and fruitcake!) that I couldn’t guess his favorite Dave Matthews song, with in three tries, with three clues. And while a bet is a bet, I didn’t have it in me to collect on that one when I correctly guessed JTR. I did propose a compromise, and kept his handle of Jäger.

The song was originally written by Dave Matthews while he was hanging out with Carlos Santana, and recorded sometime during the ‘Supernatural’ sessions, but not released.

The Dave Matthews Band changed up the song a bit and recorded it during the now infamous Lillywhite Sessions, but when the unfinished album was leaked on the internet, the album release of the song was scrapped, and has not been revisited.

In 2010 the original recording done with Santana was released as one of the bonus tracks on the ten year anniversary edition of ‘Supernatural’.