Smartphone Friendly Fake Nails

A few days ago one of my friends pointed out that my blog has been very male orientated, and suggested that I try to find a way to dig up some posts that would appeal a bit more to the female readers. The smartass that I am began to search for a story that would allow me to have a picture of boobs at the top of the post, but appearently the tech market isn’t as forward thinking as I am.

My searching DID yield this though: Set to be released in a few months, Elektra Nails are press on stylus nails that allow wearers to still be able to use their touchscreen devices while having manicured nails. Something tells me that there will be Beverly Hills boutiques and mall kiosks opening up that will specialize in these.

Thanks to Elle for giving me a reason to keep abreast on fashion news. Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to incorporate my audacious brand of humor a bit more.