Batman vs. Superman vs. The Studios


So the word on the street is that Warner Brothers Studio is postponing the release of the anticipated ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, ‘Batman vs. Superman’ from July 2015 to May 2016.

The studio maintains that they need the extra time to polish off the special effects in what is sure to be a visually overwhelming movie.

While I’m sure they can use the extra time, I’m a bit more convinced that the push happened so that there wouldn’t be a comic book clash of the titans against Disney/Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ sequel that is due out May 1st 2015. The beginning of the summer is a much vied for spot for summer blockbusters, and I think Warner is trying to seize the day on that end.

One thing that I hope comes from the delay is that Ben Affleck, who is taking the Batman cowl from Christian Bale, takes a bit more time to develop a sense of what Batman has become in 2014. The last thing fans want is another ‘Batman & Robin’.