Literature Catches Up To The Digital Age


The Netflix online video streaming model revolutionized the way we watch movies, Spotify the way we listen to music, and now Oyster is set to do the same with the world of books.

Nyc based Oyster is a subscription e-library that lets you, for $10 bucks a month, download to your device unlimited books to their app, akin to the way Spotify lets you save offline playlists.

Currently with a catalog of over 100,000 titles from many major publishing companies, Oyster is constantly in the process of securing deals that will expand their library.

As an advid reader and fan of the unlimited access for a small fee business model, (since I got Spotify 2 years ago I haven’t pirated a single album…. Wait, what’s the statue of limitations on piracy??) I think these guys have a good shot at success.