101 Uses For Your Dead Cat

Photo: Cris Toala Olivares/REUTERS

Animal lovers, you might want to skip this one. This type of art isn’t for you.

Those dark humored souls still left reading this will probably laugh as hard as I did, which if you believe in a torturous afterlife, doesn’t bode well for either of us.

Dutch artist Bart Jansen has a problem letting go. When his cat Orville’s life was tragically ended by an automobile, he did what some people do when they can’t let go of their beloved pet, he took him to the taxidermist to be preserved. But, as I’m sure you gathered from the picture, that’s not where the story ends.

Jansen hired remote-controlled helicopter expert Arjen Beltman to devise a way to integrate a system of motors and propellers in to the stuffed innards of Orville, and the results are both morbid and hilarious. The resulting ‘work of art’ dubbed the Orvillecoptor, was debuted at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one laughing at this twisted story. Video below!