Days go by

Days 64-66: The Jam
Gainesville, FL

Monday: NFL
Tuesday: Office work
Wednesday: Show day…

We had the better part of three days in Gainesville this tour. Our experience there this time was a stark contrast to our previous visit there last year. Last time we were on the outskirts of the city, and while the club was cool, the neighborhood wasn’t. This time we found ourselves in the area of The University of Florida. There were people milling about constantly, most being college students in their late teens or early twenties.
The first night we rolled in we found a sports bar near the university so that we could watch the Pats game. The pub was running some killer chicken wing specials, so we just hung out, watched the game, and had some dinner. Nate and Mochello had stayed on the bus, so once the game was over the rest of us met up with them and headed off to find our hotel Walmart.
The next day, we woke up, did our Planet Fitness routine, then set up shop to clean the bus. We did a thorough scrub down, after which we set up at Starbucks to hammer out some office work. After a few hours of that, Mochello decided to start a crusade to find a new mattress for his bunk. Because the bunks aren’t a standard size, options are limited. We hit up a few different stores before winding up at a Target, where he decided to get a baby crib mattress as a base, and build around it to make up the width, then cover it with toppers to span any gaps between the filler and the mattress. All this added too much thickness to the mattress, so the search was pushed to the next day.
After waking up, Root and I walked to a Waffle House for some breakfast. Because we weren’t in that much of a hurry, we hung out and had about a pot of coffee each before hearing from the rest of the guys that they were ready to head out. Mochello had already returned the crib mattress and found a new prospective solution in a nearby shopping center. He picked up a foam mattress that seemed to work, then we headed down toward the club.
The Jam was an eclectic place. All types of music and events of all kinds of genres make their through it. We arrived early so we hit the street with some flyers for a bit before load in time. We had to wait to load in until an African drum circle dance class was done. After they finished, they moved to out back of the club where a bon fire had been started, and they continued their endless rhythmic bongo pounding.
Stevie’s dad and his wife showed up again, keeping with their penchants for running into us at random spots across the country. (And this time they brought some super tasty pasta!!)
The rest of the night’s music was just as diverse as the club itself, and everything was wrapped up by midnight. (Except the backyard drum circle… That, I bet, lasted long after we left!)
We left Gainesville with a better taste in our mouths than the first time, and headed on our way toward Boca Raton.