I need a doctor

Day 44: The Dr’s Office
Minneapolis, MN

After our morning ritual, (to which, for the day, we added getting an oil change on the bus), we went to set up a temp office at a McD’s. (Not before we met the states most inept sandwich shop employee. The benefit of the doubt says that it was possibly his first day at work, yet something tells me otherwise.)
We had a bit of time to kill because Stevie G was set up on the bus giving a Skype guitar lesson. (Hit him up, he gives lessons for any skill level lessonsonearth@gmail.com you won’t be disappointed!) The rest of us dove in on various office work tasks while we waited.
Almost as if on cue, about the time Stevie G finished his lesson and came in to grab a bite to eat, the phone rang telling us the Dr. was ready to see us.
We packed up shop and headed over to his office.
As we pulled up to the house of Dr. Fink, legendary keyboardist from Prince and the Revolution, excitement grew.
Back when recording The Time Spent Wondering, Nate reached out to Dr. Fink about what types of sounds he had used during his days with Prince. The end result of the conversations was Dr. Fink guesting on the track “Been Gone Too Long”.
On this tour, we had a show booked in Minneapolis, Dr. Fink’s hometown. He agreed to guest on keys for our whole set, so we showed up at his studio to practice the set list.
The hallway entry to Dr. Fink’s studio is lined with gold and platinum records, both from his days with Prince and from his solo career. Walking down the hall put into perspective the caliber of the Dr.’s talent. (In case you couldn’t get my subtle hint, he’s got a bit of skill in those fingers!)
We all gathered in to the mixing room, and they started charting out the songs so Dr. Fink could have the chord progressions on hand. As they were working the songs out we got to see the Dr. in action, he would listen to the recordings of the song, find out which sound he wanted to use, then work the chords and add his custom fills into the song… It was genius in action.
After a few hours of work we all went out to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Everyone was held in rapt attention as Dr. Fink entertained us with stories of his touring days with Prince.
When we were finished with dinner, we headed back to the studio so everyone could finish working on the set. Dr. Fink let us listen to some personal recordings of practice sessions from his days with The Revolution, which was absolutely amazing. Hearing the behind the scenes banter, Prince goofing off, and the jam sessions on familiar songs was unbelievable. They spent the last hour or so working out a special cover song for the night, which I can’t wait to hear.
When we were done, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our Walmart for the night, everyone falling asleep anticipating the next days show.