Palmyra is in the room

Day 40: The Elbo Room
Chicago, IL

Our ‘day in the life of’ continued with our waking up in a Walmart parking lot (par normal) and heading to a Planet Fitness. After an hour of driving, we pulled into the gym. When we got to the locker room, we found it under construction, with only two showers open and a line for them. A vote was taken, and we decided to leave and find the next one.
The next gym on the way happened to be in the south side of Chicago. A few of the guys had a little apprehension about this, given the neighborhoods reputation. Planet Fitness however seems to exist within it’s own solar system, as every one we have ever been to has lived up to standards not always found in the surrounding communities. The staff is always pleasant, and the gyms are always clean. Chicago was no exception. As a matter of fact, the locker room was one of the most spacious ones we’ve seen.
After showers, we headed to the club, by way of the wonderful Chicago highway traffic. We got to the club what we thought was late, which turned out to be early, as the door guy wasn’t there yet and they didn’t want us loading in until he showed up.
To kill a little time, we went to order a Chicago deep dish pizza down the street, and to meet up with Gail, our awesome friend and the head of our street team, and her superhero husband Ben. They had driven up from Ft. Wayne, IN to hang with us, and as always, whenever they’re around it proved to be a super fun night.
Chicago has always been a very good market for us, with lots of friends that come out to hang and a new music friendly population. The club had a brand new sound system and a very capable sound guy, so the show sounded great. The manager commented after the set that he had never seen another band in that room take command of a crowd that wasn’t already theirs so quickly and completely in that room before.
We had to wait until the last band was done before we could load out, so we had plenty of time to hang out with our Chicago friends. Everyone had a great night, and I have the video to prove it.
After load out, we decided to spend the night in Chicago. Root and Stevie went to Roots friends house for the night, and Nate, Mochello, Gail, Ben, and I went to get some late night dinner. After dinner, we parted ways and headed to the familiar comfort of a Walmart parking lot.