Back in the saddle again

Days 33-38
Mid-tour break & drive day

Here is my promised short blog…. Well, maybe not as short as I originally thought…..
We had four days off, in which everyone went their respective ways. I went back to the Berkshires, and the guys went to the city.
I spent my time off finally completing the bench project that I was working on. (If you care to see the finished product, hit me up on twitter, @stevejmichaels)
We reconvened in NYC on Wednesday, and honestly it felt as if we were starting tour all over. The first day back together was a drive day, so getting back into the swing of the daily routine didn’t happen right away. Well, with the amount that we’re on the road it’s not that it really takes much to get back in to it, it’s just it after a few days off the energy that had accumulated up has to be built up again.
On the drive, we saw our first snow flurries of the season somewhere in western Pennsylvania. I personally am not looking forward to the snow…
We stopped for the night just outside Ohio, with our sights set on Detroit for the morning…