Light my fire

Day 26: Bogies
Albany, NY

Being on the road seems to be the fuel to my creative fire. When I’m stuck in one area for too long, my drive for writing seems to drop down a few gears, and hence the blog is yet again behind. I think if I’m ever meant to finish my novel, that I’m going to have to go on a sojourn to be able to actually complete it! (Add to it the fact that I’ve been sick, and that motivation meter bottoms right out.)
Albany is only an hour or so from Great Barrington, so we had brunch with Roots girlfriend Renee’s family before hitting the road.
When we got to Albany we were surprised by Roots parents, who decided to dive down from Vermont for the show. It is always a pleasure to see them, and that day was no different!
Stevie, Nate, and Mochello decided to take the Chinatown bus back to NYC after the show for the two days we had off so we had to leave right after our set. As a policy, we hate being that band who leaves right away, but this time it was unavoidable.
We packed up fast and made our way to the bus station to drop those guys off, and Root, Renee, and I headed back to spend our weekends in the Berkshires.