The Bare Necessities

Day 15: The Rudyard Kipling
Louisville, KY

I honestly had no idea what to expect from a club named after a literary icon.
The Rudyard Kipling has in interesting vibe. Jungle style decorations are sprinkled throughout the club, framed print outs of famous (and some not so famous) Kipling works hung in seemingly sporadic spots around the venue.
The place had a very homelike style to it, and it almost felt as if we were playing a collage house party. (UofL is right down the street, so maybe that’s not too inaccurate of a description)
Last time we were in Louisville the club that we played at kicked out everyone under 21 at 10pm sharp, including two local fans, Jessica and Sarah. They stayed though, watching the set from outside the venue, making friends with the security guards. This time though, we were able to get this club to allow all ages, so they finally were able to see the show from somewhere other than the nosebleeds.
The Rud, as it’s locally called, has two stages, a smaller one in the bar area, and a larger stage in a separate upper room. We set up in the upper room, as we had 4 bands on the bill. One of the other acts playing was Beyond Doubt, a local Louisville band that we had played with the last time we had stopped through. It is always fascinating to watch the evolution of a band. The last time we were in Louisville, Beyond Doubt was a fairly new band, with a large number of their songs being cover songs. This time around though, 95% of their set was original material, and it was clear that as a band they were finding their own. Hopefully we get to see them again soon… I’m interested to see how their progress continues!