Rollin on the river…

Day 14: Day Off
Clarksville, IN

It’s hard to actually think of a ‘day off’ while on tour as a true ‘day off’. Granted, we at least once a tour we try to have a band vacation day where we hit one must see tourist destination in a random spot across America. (So far we’ve hit N.A.S.A, Graceland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Grand Canyon… Epcot would be a fun diversion this time….)
This day off, however, was an office day.
After waking up in the parking lot of a sketchy gas station somewhere in Missouri, we headed to Clarksville, IN. We set up a mobile office in the first Starbucks we found (which happened to inside of a Target), and everyone dove in on the myriad of tasks that we have on the docket. We worked until about 9pm (not really a day off, huh?) then headed to check out the casino for a bit, thinking that we could chill out and get some free drinks for Stevie G’s actual birthday (Another travelers note: Indiana state law prohibits casinos from giving free drinks. Indiana residents, please harass your senators about changing this law. It would mean the world to me!)
Nate taught me the basics of Craps, then we hung out at the Blackjack tables for a bit. The cool thing about that particular casino is when we took a string of twisting and turning hallways and crossed a boarding ramp, suddenly we were on a riverboat! We hung out there for a bit, got teased with the promise of free rooms, (which never came through) then fell asleep in our own rolling 5 star accommodations in their parking lot.