Have you ever see the rain?

Day 12: Juanita’s
Little Rock, AR

Driving through torrential rain is always fun, but when we’re under time constraints it slows us down a bit too much. Our bus treks across the country at a steady 55-65 mph, but heavy rain brings our cruising speed down in to the low 40s. The club was hosting two separate shows, so we had an extremely early load in. Halfway on the trip the weather broke and we were able to get back up to speed, which allowed us to make it in the nick of time.
Juanita’s is a cool midsize rock club. The manager was very supportive, saying that he really wanted to help us build our presence in Little Rock. After seeing the show, he liked us so much he bequeathed to us a new projector, twice as bright as our current one. (I personally can’t wait to fiddle around with it!)
The second show was starting directly after, so we had to load our gear out quickly. Adding to the madness, the rain storm started to catch up to us and the sprinkling began again. At that point it becomes like level 80 Tetris, a mad dash to make things fit before everything gets soaked. Once it was all packed in, we hit the road. It was kind of nice to get out before 10pm. We were able to get a bit of driving done and get a full nights sleep. Successful night in my book!