Journey’s End

Day 32: Northampton, Ma

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been mulling this one over since the moment I sat in the cramped confines of the back seat of my friends car, instead of in my spot on the bus’ steps. Waking up this morning the day after our tour finale show knowing that this isn’t just a day off, there’s no show tonight, or tomorrow… it’s a sad feeling. Tonight Nate won’t be looking for a precarious perch or a bar top to climb on while he’s belting out verses, Andy won’t be switching with Shaanan mid song while Shaanan screams in to the mic or crowd surfs, and while Shawn and Jordyn are in NYC tugging heart strings, I’m not there to see them work their magic to bring grown men to tears.
Yesterday there was a feeling of finality of sorts hanging over the entire day. Our last tour breakfast. Our final trip to planet fitness. The last load in. The tour farewell show…..
Throughout the duration of this tour there was an evolution that took place as all three bands went from casual friends at first, to, by the time tour was over, family.
Last spring when we were on tour with Son of a Bad Man we were spared the experience of the final farewell, as the show was cancelled due to some hurricane or something stupid like that. No such luck this time. As I watched Flagship hit their last note of the night I couldn’t help but think of all the good times we had this tour. Shawn and Jordyn are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. And the fact that they share my slightly offensive, often risqué sense of humor puts them in a very special place in my heart.
Man on Earth played hard, each song an echo of the last month, refined on the road, executed with thunder. Mochello was playing so fiercely that when he scraped a knuckle he didn’t even notice the blood dripped all over his pants until after the set.
GBD brought it strong for their hometown show, keeping the crowd hooked even through a small power hiccup mid-set. Shaanan got one last crowd surfing finale, bringing the tour to a close in the most rock and roll way possible.
Nobody really wanted the night to be over, and an encore was demanded. All 3 bands took the stage for a chaotic rendition of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”, with audience members also taking the stage to join the madness. As I hit the lights to black out at the end of the song, the crowd still wouldn’t stand down, and demanded yet one more. The ever entertainer Shawn Fisher grabbed a mic and started a crowd round robin a capella version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. (Thank you Gail and Ben, for renting Wayne’s World when we were in Ft. Wayne!)
As the lights went down and the proverbial curtain closed on the Motor Energy 2013 Winter Tour a sadness was about the room. We were all headed back to our non tour lives for a bit. I had to leave fast after the show, my ride to Great Barrington had a 5:15am alarm clock to maliciously greet. I said my long goodbyes, and stepped outside to get in to the car. The surrealism of tours end has stuck with me all day today, as I found myself reminded constantly of our adventures as my friends and family picked me for tour stories. The glimmer, though, of summer tour is already in sight. As I sit and think back on all the great life changing experiences this tour has brought me that glimmer shines bright in my mind because I know this is not the end, this is still just the beginning!