Down to one…

Day 31: Bah-sten (Boston, Ma)

Boston is one of the wonderfully chaotic American cities where hundreds of people roaming the streets wasted at 2 in the afternoon is not only socially acceptable, it’s encouraged.
The club that we were playing was a block away from Fenway Park, and while there wasn’t a ball game happening, there was a pub crawl. When we rolled in to town we noticed myriads of people all sporting the same “El Tour” shirts, stumbling like semi-zombified herds, talking loudly and obnoxiously like only day drinkers can. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning. I happen to be a fan of Saturday afternoon drinking. I’m sure there’s a Facebook page I should like somewhere. Or a support group.)
We got to Boston fairly early, so we had plenty of time to hit the streets and do promo. Being that we were right near Fenway and B.U. the streets were bustling all all afternoon long. By the time the show started the inebriated procession had died down. One of the highlights of the night included Shawn from Flagship Romance switching guitars mid-song because of a broken string, switching guitars out, and tuning the new one…. the whole time with out missing a lyric, and, being in key when the guitar came back. I was edge of my seat the whole time, jaw in my lap.
After the show, the realization that there was only one show left this tour set in. As we pulled in to the last Walmart of the tour for the night I think that it hit everyone on the bus just as hard. Tomorrow is it for this run….