Strikes and spares

Day 26: Cleveland

Another venue in a bowling alley! Not as eclectic as Brooklyn Bowl, Mahall’s in Cleveland, OH has a very retro bowling alley feel. There are no digital screens for score keeping, scoring is still done with paper and pencil. The decor is very 1960’s with their multicolored bench seats, oak paneling, and V.C.T. flooring.
The stage was in a separate room, and was simply constructed of unpainted O.S.B, and all the ambient lighting was provided by clamp on incandescent painter’s lights, the kind with the 8.5” steel reflectors. I jokingly said that they should rename the venue to Home Depot Hall, being that it would be very apropos. Everything was solid though, and not even Flagship Romance’s foot stomp made the stage bounce. There was a curfew on the night, since the venue was near apartments and noise ordinance laws required us to be done by 10:30 pm. With the amount of bands on the bill we were all limited to 25-30 minute sets, which made the night fly by. Oh, and we filmed another killer video update that Nate is editing as I type…. We are coming into the home stretch of this tour, and having rounded 3rd, the realization that we’re almost done is right in my face. People tend to ask before tour if we’re ready to go on the road… Funny thing is, I’m not sure I’m ready for tour to be over. This past year the bus has been more a home to me than anywhere. I’m already anxiously waiting for summer tour….