The birth of Sal

Day 23: Detroit

For years I’ve heard horror stories about Detroit. Stories of unemployment, drugs, murder, and all sorts of other happenings that make most normal people cringe. Apparently everyone’s heard the same stories because more than a few people in our troop had visible trepidation about playing in the Motor City. Personally, I grew up in a ghetto, so I’m not even sure what it’d take to scare me about an environment, plus I knew we were going to be in semi decent neighborhoods, so I knew we were alright.
Detroit is the home city of our tour sponsor, Motor Energy Drink. They set us up with hotel rooms, so we cleaned up and then went to meet with the owners of the company. Dinner, then on our way to the ‘venue’.
The venue was not a traditional venue. It was actually an art gallery. Odd pieces of modern art lined the walls, the strangest in my opinion being the blown up renditions of cancer cells superimposed over pictures of the affected body parts.
The gallery was packed, something I didn’t really expect. The Motor Energy crew brought in a good party crowd, and for that night the art gallery was a rock venue.
After the show we headed back to the hotel. Nate and I decided to share a room with Flagship Romance, and we dubbed the room the Quiet Room. We had figured the rest of the guys and Gone by Daylight would be up hanging out and we wanted to get an early jump on the day.
After a video update and a bit of story telling, we all decided to go to sleep. But not before a bit of prank calling. Shawn called each of the other rooms we had pretending to be the front desk reporting a noise complaint. The best part of it was that the Quiet Room was the only one awake! The pranks followed up the next morning, and there’s some video you can check out on Flagship Romance’s Facebook page.
I know I’m behind on these blogs, but I’ll get caught up tomorrow!