Must have been a blackout….

Day 19: Drive day

To be 100% honest, I spent most of yesterday in recovery mode.
After our trip to the Grand Canyon, the plan had been to find a spot to camp out, have a fire, BBQ up some burgers and dogs, have some drinks, and actually enjoy the end of the only real day off we had on this tour. What ended up happening was a bit of a compromise.
On the way to the Grand Canyon we rode convoy style with Gone by Daylight. They also left with us and were game on to do a little camp out too. By the time we were able to find a market to get supplies it was already dark outside. Being that they are traveling in a van and the mercury was dipping pretty low in the vial, they decided to opt out of camping and get a hotel room. Not to be deterred, we brought our hobo kitchen up and BBQ’d right there in the room. It was also an in character party. I donned the American Muscle vest, Stevie G had his rock star leather pants on, and Mochello was in full Parrot mode. Also, Gone by Daylight’s alter egos Barry Blazer, Rocko Phoenix, and Maurice were in the mix.
Somewhere along the way that night I may or may not have ingested too much rum, and I may or may not have woken up in my bunk still inebriated…. (Ok, yeah, I did. In my defense, I don’t drink beer and we were in New Mexico and it’s really dry here and I was really thirsty and I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately….. See that? Those are excuses!)
So, yet again, I was super thankful we have the bus. I was able to hole up in my hovel, and bide my time there until I felt human again. That didn’t happen until about 5 or 6 at night.
Lesson learned? Of course not. I’m sure that won’t be the last time in my life that I try to conquer a handle of rum. There are no more nights off on this tour though, so I can say for a fact that it won’t be any time soon.