Spielberg and Scorsese

Day 17: Vegas

We left L.A. last night right after the show, knocking a hour out of today’s drive time. While driving through the California desert I spied some scenery that would accent the ‘Bombs’ video superbly. We hopped off the interstate and set up shop at our second desert locale. (On a side note, this video is going to be AMAZING! The on location filming is going to shine in the final cut!)
After we were satisfied with the shots, we packed back up and continued on to Vegas.
Somewhere along the way I had an apostrophe. Lightning struck my brain. I thought it’d be cool to play off the leaving Stevie G behind in Tx video update by doing a video update in the style of the opening scene of The Hangover. (Appropriate, being that we were playing Vegas tonight). Nate immediately bit on the idea, and after some brainstorming, gold was born. (I’ll throw the link up on the feed here) I’m interested to get your thoughts on tour update #19…. So, tonight’s show is done, and the MoE/GBD convoy is headed to the Grand Canyon to meet up with Flagship Romance for a, wait for it, DAY OFF!!!! Can’t wait to see the canyon tomorrow!