Under the bridge downtown…

Day 16: L.A.!

Ever since I was a kid L.A. has been the land of legend. My mom used to watch C.H.i.P.s reruns, the news glamorized the movie premiers, musicians sung of it’s amazingness…. Even as a teen into my twenties L.A. was always a must visit city. My favorite tv show, 24, had most of its seasons filmed about saving the city. So, when we finally rolled up the freeway, Hollywood sign in the distance, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement.
In stark contrast to the concepts in my last blog, (maybe somebody on the bus read it, haha) we started the day by spending the afternoon in the eclectic Venice Beach. If I had to describe Venice Beach, I’d have to say that it’s like Coney Island on steroids. The boardwalk is jam packed with merchants selling all sorts of crazy wares, window food shops, pot clinics, and street performers. There’s a huge skate park right between the boardwalk and the beach, and the Pacific Ocean lies right on the other side of the beach. It was my first time hanging at the Pacific, so it was kind of a big moment in my mind. We hung out for a while watching the skaters biff out. There was also a film crew shooting some amazing boarders nailing some extremely tricky moves, making their twists and turns through the air look as easy as a college girl on spring break. After taking in the sights a bit, we headed toward downtown L.A. and got to experience a little bit of local culture on the way. (By that I mean traffic…. Tons of it)
Another fun show at another Irish pub, L.A. was good to us on our first time stopping there. Load out, then on the road again…..