Hangin with Michael Scott

It came to me today that being on tour is a lot like working in an office, where the person in the cubicle across from you has a really awesome screen saver….
In the two years I’ve been touring with Man on Earth, we’ve been up and down the east coast multiple times, and toured to sxsw in Austin, Tx. We’ve done a run down the east coast, over to New Orleans, up to Chicago and back… And now our current tour is taking us coast-to-coast-to-coast….. The funny, though, is that while I’ve seen so much of this country, I haven’t really been able to EXPERIENCE it yet. Through the bus window I’ve seen incredible vistas, mountains, deserts, lakes, oceans… And I’ve worked shows in many amazing cities. But, that’s just it. Those views just pass on by as the bus rambles on to the next town. And, with all the work that goes into making a gig successful, seeing the local sights in a city usually doesn’t happen either.
Last night was a prime example. San Diego had been on my bucket list of cities to go for a long time now. I finally made it! Well, I made it to a rock club, a gas station, and a semi-Cuban restaurant… The sad truth is we didn’t even make the beach, and there is a strong likelihood that we won’t today either. And tomorrow we’re off to Vegas…. Just another day at the office.