Arizona, what?!

Scottsdale! Who knew Arizona could be so frickin’ awesome?! (Yeah this post is two days late… our wi-fi situation has been a little less than stellar!) The packed show at the Rogue Bar was preceded by a day filled all the great things that being on the road with our traveling circus brings.
The day started off with an interview with, a soon to be streaming internet radio station that currently does YouTube video interviews. It was honestly one of the more original interviews I’ve ever seen. The interviewer started with a segment they call ‘Band speed dating’. Everyone left the room and were brought back in one at a time and asked a string of questions with a 30 second time limit on the whole deal. Fast paced, answers off the top of their heads. That was followed by a normal interview, then a quick photo shoot with Melanie Mathieu, an old friend of ours from that epic Savannah show where the liquor store next to the venue got robbed while the band was on stage.
After the interview, we went down to the mall to promo, then over to Stevie G’s uncles house for an amazing homemade Mexican food dinner and an acoustic singalong…. And there was a ninja turtle there. Kinda. Stevie G’s uncle has a pet African tortoise the diameter of a sewer cap. Coolest pet ever!
The show went down with out a hitch. The lighting board was familiar, so I was able to work them fairly well. The crowds vibe was electric, and it put an extra charge on the band as they rocked out. There was no bar dancing for Nate (not for lack of trying) which leaves the current tour talley at 4 out 11…. Now we’re driving through the Southern California mountains enjoying the beautiful scenery. See y’all tonight! (Last night actually, haha)