Day 5: Memphis

Where to start? Hmmm, tonight we were at the Hard Rock in Memphis, Tn. The last time we were in Memphis, technical difficulties at the club prevented us from being able to play, so this was actually the first time we’ve been able to play here.
Beale St. is great. There are tons of shops with a myriad of trinkets in each. The band spent a greater portion of the afternoon walking around doing promo for the show. Being a Monday night, there really wasn’t tons of people milling about.
Gail, Sam and I went to grab a bite at B.B. Kings before it got too late. After dinner, we continued promo, this time focusing on telling shop keepers to push any people looking for something to do down to our show.
Somewhere along the way I remembered the awesomeness of Wet Willie’s. (Picture a wall full of 7-11 slushies all containing alcohol) Sam and I beelined there for a quick drink, then it was show time.
Hard Rock Memphis is one of the smaller Hard Rock Cafes I’ve been to. The stage is right in the middle of the lower dining area, and there’s also an upper mezzanine with more tables.
There was a group of about 30 kids from Wisconsin that we convinced to stay and rage, and rage they did! Three different people on three different occasions who saw the videos all compared the kids reactions to the fan girls from the old Beatles videos. The enthusiasm of the kids was infectious, and was reflected back to them from the stage. It reminded me very much of the Simple Plan Get Your Heart On album release show that Man on Earth played back in the summer of 2011. Those crowds are the best. Kids who still believe in the power of real music, made by artist who write their own songs, and who play their own instruments.
Best prank of the night award goes to myself and Gone by Daylight’s road guy. We got the bartender to put a bunch of random shots into their frontman Eric’s water. Ah, shenanigans