Apple Pie Moonshine

Day 4: Nashville

Nashville survived us! Last night was one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had on tour. After we pulled in to Nashville we went to a Mexican restaurant and met up with Jason, Gail, Sam, and Stacy for our yearly Nashville take over. Dinner was great, and very filling. After, we headed over to the venue.
The venue, Center Stage, was awesome. Records on the walls, killer lighting system, great sound….. Nashville does music right!
One of the show highlight was Kurtis, the singer from The Last Goodnight, joining Nate on vocals for Bittersweet Symphony. It was an absolutely killer show!
Sam’s camera died mid Man on Earth set, so she became dead set on getting new batteries for it. ( It was a digital camera, but ran on aa batteries… We were definatly partyin like it was 1999 for sure)
The bouncer told us there was a gas station 2 blocks away, so Sam and I took off. Along the way it started to rain fairly steadily. I guess in Nashville 2 blocks is half a mile, because by the time we got there we looked like we were a couple of 1960’s civil rights protesters. And of course the gas station didn’t have any umbrellas. Plenty of cowboy hats, but no umbrellas. Dreading the walk back, we decided to hitchhike back. We met a guy at the gas station who was more than happy to give us a ride. And it turns out he was a friend of Matt from the Pink Spiders, who we’ve played a number of shows with! Small world it is…
After the show was over, we split off a bit. Root and Nate took the bus and went to sleep in the Mr. Transmission parking lot so they could be up in the morning for the bus’ check up and oil change. The rest of us headed downtown with Stevie G’s brother to take in the culture of the Nashville bar scene.
We found a packed bar called Tootsie’s that Sam had wanted to see since she was 12. At that point I was liquidly enlightened enough that going into a honkey Tonk bar didn’t seem like a bad idea. There was a cover band playing inside, and thankfully they peppered some southern rock into the mix, so I was able to stay long enough to notice the Apple Pie Moonshine special. My birthday is in 3 days and Sam’s is in four, so we had to knock back a few birthday shots. I thought is was a very fitting choice of shots because my birthday is Pi day.
I have no idea how they did it, but if the drink had been warmed and served with a fork, I would have been convinced that I was actually eating a slice of homemade apple pie. Those things didn’t even taste like alcohol, but man were they potent! We made tons of friends before the bouncers kicked us out. All in all, a great night!