The Smokey Mountains

Day 4:

Once again, we find ourselves crossing the Smokey Mountains on I-40 in Tennessee. The last few tours we’ve crossed them almost 1/2 a dozen times. The ride always evokes trepidation among the band, as we all can’t help think of the time the bus’ transmission broke on our way in to Nashville last May. But we press on.
Along the way we stopped at a Starbucks in Cookeville. While waiting for coffee, Nate and I convinced the barista that he was a motivational speaker sent from corporate to inspire them to make their best cup of coffee ever… After turning it all in to a shameless Band plug, we jumped back on the bus and headed back on the road.
On a side note, Nate cast his vote into the ballot box for finally naming our bus… His vote? Toothless, after the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon…. Thoughts?

Btw, I’m working on enabling commenting on the blog. Keep an eye out for that feature.