Do-it-yourself Dinner

Day 3: Asheville, Nc

Tonight we are at the Emerald Lounge, in Asheville, Nc. Cool little club in a city I didn’t even know existed. This place has it’s own weird charm. Tons of people milling about, all kinds of shops containing every sort of ware, and at least one super packed Italian restaurant.
Being that we’re in an extremely urban place, there was nowhere for Root and I to set up our kitchen. So Root, Stevie G, and Mochello went to a “Mexican type” restaurant, while Nate and I found this place called Strada. It’s a newly opened Italian spot not far from the club.
Now 1st off, let me just say, the flavor of the food was phenomenal. High marks across the board for taste on everything we ordered. The entire wait staff was excellent as well. And, in particular, our waitress Stephanie was spot on.

There was a few oddities however. And when there’s oddities, my life usually becomes something that resembles a well written sitcom. (The kind you’d actually laugh at, not one that relies on canned laughter to provide the illusion that it is funny).
So, the first peculiarity was the Grilled Caesar ‘Salad’. Not grilled CHICKEN Caesar salad…. Grilled salad… Or rather grilled arugula stalk. Nate and I had split the salad for an appetizer, so he wound up cutting the greens up like a parent slicing things up to bite sized portions for a young child. Even the sliced baguette croutons had to be crunched up. The effort all paid off though, because the salad was super tasty! My main course of pesto tortellini was amazing, and was devoured without a hitch. Nate got pasta with sausage, well sausage links. After cutting those up Nate wiped the sweat from his brow, took a few deep breaths to slow his heart rate after all the exertion, and tried to give back the steak knife to the waitress, because, the cook apparently needed it more than we did…..
I often wish we had our own 24/7 camera crew to document our travels. The in the moment one-liners that usually happen are comedy gold. So, since we don’t have the camera crew, you’ll just have to come hang with us and experience it first hand.