Day 17 – Chicago – Angelo vs. the giant pizza slice

Chicago is a pretty awesome city, not going to lie. And let’s just mention that the trees are finally starting to change color! Hello Autumn!! Not so sure it was a good idea to be right next to Wrigley Stadium while a game was playing. Actually no, I retract that statement, it was a GREAT idea to be next to the Stadium the day of a game, you know why? Cause the show kicked a lot of ass!

As the case with any day when out on tour, Angelo had to get his pizza fix. We we went to this spot where the slices were seriously the size of your head, if not bigger. But seriously, Chicago? I thought you were supposed to have good pizza? Where’s the sauce!? We got to hang out with some old friends that night, but more importantly we met some awesome new friends! Had too many drinks, again. This time Riot Root made an appearance, hitting the stage while Californication was on stage. Don’t worry, of course we got this on film. Unfortunately we had to swing by the airport after the show, dropping off Michaels. Sad day when we lose someone in our group with a week left, but we’ll see him next tour! Our first time in Pittsburgh tomorrow night!¬†