Day 12 – WCPR & New Orleans

We slept through WW3.

Or at least it seriously felt like we did. It stormed pretty bad throughout the entire night/morning. However we were also a few miles from a local airport in BIloxi, Mississippi. At one point, all six of us were woken up by a extremely low flying airplane above us, directly followed by a loud boom of thunder. That’s another thing about tour, you learn to sleep through anything and everything, even another world war. 

We did what we could, and headed straight for the WCPR studios a few minutes away. It was a blast, we got to chat with a few of the DJs there, including our friend Scott Fox. Had a blast chatting, and we even got to play a new song on air as well! The bus had a small little issue again, but thats okay because we’re clearly back on the road! But while we waited for that, we all raided the local Starbucks. Took up an entire counter, spaced out and got shit done!  However day 2 in New Orleans, or should I say N’awlins? Was a bit of a drag. But you know what, it was fun and thats all that matters. It was great to pack everything up and get the fuck out of the south. No offense, but the southern heat definitely kicked our asses.