Workin’ Late

Days 4&5: Jack Rabbits
Jacksonville, FL
and Office work

Tuesday was a long and eventful day. We started by finishing off the drive down the coast, making our way down Interstate 95.

Driving into the familiar streets of Jacksonville always feels good. Jack Rabbits has been amazing to us over the years, so I can’t help but be excited anytime we make it down to there to play.

This was the first show where we met up with the other two bands that we’re touring with, Miggs and Open Air Stereo. Touring with other bands, especially ones that you aren’t terribly familiar with, always has the same kind of dynamic the first few shows. I find it to be an interesting process to observe, as it mirrors every sort of group interaction among humans in general.

The first show is almost like a meet and greet, everyone says their hellos, shakes hands exchanges pleasantries….. Then it almost becomes cliquish again, with everyone crowding up with their respective bands. Throughout the night, the more socially outgoing ones in the bands begin to make their way around the room, exchanging small talk with various members in the other crews, yet almost always reverting to their own circle. It takes a few shows worth of time for true entropy to take place.

For the first few shows of the tour each band tends to watch the other’s sets together, commenting amongst themselves as to their opinions of the others songs, style, and observing each other’s strong points. The reason I think this happens is, no matter now friendly bands get with each other there has to remain a healthy competition against one another from gig to gig. I believe that this is necessary for the benefit of everyone on tour. It pushes everyone to strive for ever greater heights, and helps stave any complacency that can set in from playing the same songs over and over, day after day.

After the show we headed straight to Orlando. Max, the tour’s merch girl, is from Orlando and since we’re playing her hometown she wanted to take the opportunity to say goodbye to her boyfriend before he headed out on his own tour.

We spent Wednesday doing office work all day, which is not very rock star, but, vital. With the eminent release of the new record there is much to do. And, with 99% of the workload being handled “in house”, there is always something that needs to be done. Stopping only to record a quick acoustic video with Trent, one of Max’s roommates who is a film student at Full Sail University, we all stayed busy until well after midnight.