She Likes Hair Bands

Days 13 & 14: Toquet Hall
Westport, CT
Mohegan Sun Casino

The Westport, CT show was another unique gig. It was an all ages show at the local teen center, so the vibe wasn’t that of a rock club to begin with.

We began the day with the typical roundup that happens when we do NYC shows. Stevie G met Nate, Gail, and I at Nate’s place, and then we tracked down Mochello (who was, shockingly, at a pizza place 3 blocks from his house).

Once we had Moch on board, we set off to White Plains to get Root. The drive from there to Westport felt relatively quick, even though we got stuck in an hour’s worth of traffic that made a weekend of being interrogated at Guantanamo seem more appealing.

The overcast skies turned to rain as we pulled into Westpotrt. The venue was, even with Google Maps on hand, rather difficult to find. The entrance was down an alleyway, up an elevator, and then down a hallway. Being a teen center, it had the feeling of a high school auditorium. Well, maybe a late 1800’s school auditorium. The room had vaulted ceilings with exposed beams that resembled the inside of a converted barn. There was an upper loft area that could have been used for hay storage, but for the fact that there was no way that building had ever been used as a barn. The architect must have grown up mucking stalls though, because just being in the room I almost felt the urge to hunt for a shovel and start cleaning up some poop….

The walls of the room were lined with couches, and the Westport kids that had shown up for the show made full use of them. The venue had booked a local teen band to open, which was a mostly cover band that had a handful of their own tunes. Once they were done, the guys took stage. Since I was still stuck on Merch, and there was no lighting set up to speak of anyway, so I was tied to the table again. Mid-set I had to leave to change out a guitar, but that was the extent of my excitement for the night.

For the majority, the local kids were content to hang back on their couches or at their tables, so Nate took the show to them. In classic Nathan fashion, he used the mic cable to it’s full extent, climbing on chairs and tables, finding the furthest point that he could go to in the crowd to set up a perch point.

The Miggs headlined that night, so once they finished we packed up as fast as possible and headed to our destination for the evening.

We decided to drive to the casino for the evening, mostly so that Mochello, who plays poker for a living, could join in a Saturday tournament. Gail came with us as she had a flight out of Hartford early the next morning. She was able to experience first hand the non glamorous side of being on the road. When you don’t have money to spend a casino can be downright boring. Root and I spent the majority of our time on Saturday trying to find cocktail waitresses on the gaming floor, because at Mohegan Sun the drinks flow free if you are sitting at one of their games. The place was so busy though, that we couldn’t find any waitresses to speak of. We spent much of the day playing a very sick, frustrating game of Where’s Waldo, where the waitresses were the target.

The casino’s free entertainment for the evening was the 80’s band Kix, which after the monotonous day we had, was like a desert oasis. After the band was done, it was time for wheels up on our bus. Gail had an early flight, so we had to get to the general area of Bradley International Airport for the evening. We found a Walmart 15 minutes from the airport, so once we got there we all initiated ‘long nap’ mode, so we could get some shut eye and not make Gail late for her flight.