The Show Must Go On

Breakout Tour: Day 2
Camp Hill, PA

Short distances between shows and multiple gigs in a row is a recipe for shorter blog posts on my end. For me, last tour created a number of issues regarding this day to day transcription our journeys. Firstly, the amount of driving and days off that we had in between shows left a lot of empty holes in our goings on that really forced me to constantly have to lump multiple days together just to have a readable length blog post. (Because let’s face it, there’s only so many ways that I can describe us going to Planet Fitness, Starbucks, and driving down a highway…. There’s a lot of ‘Groundhog Day’ moments when you’re on tour…)

The plus side of having so much time is that I was able to put extra effort into formulating what I felt were slightly more descriptive posts. That in itself is a double edged sword though, as I found the more open time schedule was killing my creative buzz, which in turn left me constantly behind in my blog. Having a daily deadline forces me to knuckle down and spend the few hours a day it takes to write these.

Anyways, we did our classic morning routine of waking up at a Walmart, getting coffee, then heading to Planet Fitness for a work out and showers. (Obligatory boring stuff out of the way! By the way, with the amount that I plug Walmart, Planet Fitness and Starbucks you’d think I’d get some sort of kickback… Someone make that happen!) After all that we headed over to the club.

Gullifty’s is a combination restaurant/rock club, with an upper middle class dining area and billiards tables upstairs, and a full bar with a stage downstairs. The area it is in is a strip mall, so there was plenty of things to walk around and see.

We got to the venue for load in at 5pm, but our set time wasn’t until 10:15pm so we had a bit of time to kill. I walked around for a while with Nate, then decided to crawl in to my bunk and watch a movie. (I watched Pompeii, which I went in to with no expectation except that I might fall asleep. While it wasn’t a ‘this-movie-is-so-great-everyone-should-see-it’ kind of movie, it did keep me awake and entertained!)

When I was done watching the movie, all of us went and had dinner at the venue’s restaurant. The food was surprisingly good, and it left me with enough leftovers to save for a whole other meal.

After dinner we headed downstairs to watch a bit of the band that was on and to prep for ours. Once that band was done we began the set up process for us. While we were getting ready Dive noticed that someone in one of the previous bands had accidentally smashed the screen to the laptop that they use to control their lighting system and click track. Panic mode kicked in as they frantically tried to come up with options. The solution hit me fairly quickly, so I told them not to worry, I had a fix for the night. I went to our bus, grabbed Root’s tv and one the VGA cables from our projector, and hooked it up as a second screen that mirrored whatever was on the laptop’s screen thus allowing them to see what was going on on their computer. Crisis adverted, the show went on.

Man on Earth finally played their song ‘On Our Way’ again, which is on the new record but hasn’t made it in to regular set list rotation. It was actually only the second time that they played it at a show, the only other time being the March 21st show in Waterbury, CT that kicked off last tour. Here’s to hoping it stays in the set!

After the show we were told that the venue was cool with us parking in their lot over night, and had available outlets for us to plug in to so that we could have power on our buses. Since we only had an hour and a half drive to our next gig, it made complete sense to just stay there for the night. We hung out with the Dive guys for a while and then one by one everyone headed off to bed.