Fox to stream the Super Bowl for free on the web and iOS devices


   Variety reports that this year Fox will be streaming the NFL’s 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII on both the web, and on devices running Apple’s iOS. Showing a bit of understanding of the fact that it’s the second decade of the 21st century, Fox will be live streaming the game in it’s entirety, including the halftime show to be performed by Bruno Mars.

My feelings about this are very simple: It’s about time!

In this day and age, tons of people are streaming video from the internet. And, with a game as big as the Super Bowl, people without cable television who really want to watch the Big Game will find a way to pirate it. So, why WOULDN’T a network want to broadcast something on their platforms for free that they are already broadcasting over the airwaves for free? I actually have often wondered about this. Things played live on network’s streaming sites would likely have more places for advertising, in addition to the already broadcasted commercials. Plus, they would be able to count the extra viewers in their ratings. In that vein, why wouldn’t they live stream their whole days worth of programming?

I’m betting that in the near future the big networks will all be catching on to this. Cable television companies will have to further evolve in order to compensate for the network viewership that they loose.

The Super Bowl will be broadcast Feb. 2nd on Fox, and the FoxSportsGo mobile app for iOS devices.

Oh, and because the NFL is so threatening about their intellectual property, and I don’t have a good lawyer yet, I just wanted to say that that picture at the top of the page is theirs.