Daily Dose of Dave

What You Are- Complete Weekend on the Rocks

Dave Mathews, while a publicly professed atheist, seems to me to have some conflicting ideas about theology and God. ‘What You Are’, and especially this version from Red Rocks, is a shining example of such.
Starting off with a slow almost haunting vocalization of the word Hallelujah that leads up to crescendo, the whole band then kicks in in full rock band mode. From there, the song goes on to talk about praying but it being as useful as holding on to a non-buoyant material while drowning… And that those praying can’t tell god what they are because he’s nonexistent….
It seems to me as if he would like to believe in a god, but there just isn’t any evidence as to such. This theme carries on throughout numerous Dmb songs, and I’m sure I’ll end up digging deeper in to it over time.