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Tucked away on the bus in route to Philly writing out last nights blog. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 2 – New York City @ The Studio @ Webster Hall

Home town shows are a lot of fun, even better when they’re in New York City. 

We all stayed at Root’s, and after a much needed shower, and a cup of coffee we hit the road. As always, we grabbed a quick slice before really making any headway. Quick load in, and we were fortunate enough to find a parking spot just right around the corner, which for a bus like this is really quite the task. I think we deserve a medal, right?

Hopefully by the time we really start heading down south, merch will be organized and ready to really start selling these shirts! That’s the thing about being on tour, you can start everything off real organized, but it takes an acquired skill to keep things organized and running smoothly. Sometimes down the road you’ll lose a few things, like a macbook charger, or a phone charger. But they usually end up being stuffed between a seat and the wall a few days later (which we later found the next day on our way to Philly) It’s those gremlins that leave in the seat cushions, they steal everything. I guess they’re quite the techies. 

Nonetheless, last night was a total blast! Our friends The Deep Pink and Witness A Downfall played great sets, and the crowd was filled with nothing but friends and family. What more could you ever ask for? A few technical difficulties with the projector, but that’s not a big deal. 

Of course, like all shows at The Studio on a Friday night things get pretty interesting. Everything turns into a nightclub, and we mean everything. The venue, the sidewalks, the streets. Just the best opportunity for some people watching. We’re playing The Legendary Dobb’s in Philadelphia tonight, so if you’re in the area check us out!

We hit the road earlier today for The Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC.
Check back later for a tour update!