Daily Archives: September 12, 2012

Day off.

Day of driving. Not really much else to say about that. We spent the day driving, and just relaxing in the bus.

I’m sure you all think a day off on tour means you get to party and everything, not so much when you’re stuck driving. It’s actually pretty damn boring, unless you really, really enjoy driving 6 hours. If that’s the case enjoy yourself!

Once we had arrived in Jacksonville we walked around for a little bit, reintroduced ourselves to the city. Adam and Steve went out and had some fun out in town. Angelo brought in his playstation in the house where we’re staying for the next two days, and hooked it up. Ordered pizza. Did the things you would always imagine him to do.

Although if you wish, you could ask Adam about what happened to his wallet, and what he woke up to in the bus this morning. But that’s it folks. We play Jacksonville tonight at Jack Rabbits, so come on out if you’re in town!

Of course, our first stop was to The Pit. BBQ!