Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Road specialist, Michaels hard at work.
Also, don’t give Nate a sharpie.

Florida you’ve given us some pretty damn good weather. Keep it up!

Day 7 – Jacksonville

It’s always a pleasure to be in Jacksonville for the Man on Earth boys, so right off the bat we knew that it was going to be a good day. We had a day off the previous day, so we were all refreshed and ready to go.

Okay I lied, maybe some of us just weren’t feeling it. Never take a day off, cause sometimes it messes with the flow. Multiple naps later, and just a lot of hanging around the city of Jacksonville and having some good food at some of our favorite places to eat, we got right into the groove.

By the way, any Mexican food and/or coffee joints want to sponsor us? Because we basically run on that shit, and we’d love you. Just sayin’. Back to business, as Nate said, each time we’re back here we can really see the growth in the family we have built up in this city, and that is what makes all of this worth it. And last night was really a pure example of that. We met some new friends, The Dog Apollo, who rocked the stage. Great guys, with something great brewing under their sleeves, hopefully we’ll be sharing the stage with them again. And of course, Jenni Reed.

It was great to see everyone, and a great time was had on stage. I don’t know about everyone else, but our trusty road specialist, Michaels and I hit the sheets, or should I say couch, early. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

Either way, Jacksonville thanks so much for the great times that were had, and for our new friends we made last night as well! And of course for our friends, Son Of A Bad Man for coming out and the impromptu guest vocals at the end of the set. We’ll be back Jax, you can count on our word for that one. Now it’s your turn, Orlando.

Tonight, our friends Son Of A Bad Man jumped on stage for our last song. Great times were had, Jacksonville.