Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

Group shot of all of us last night after the show.

Day 8 – Orlando: The day of pranks

A friend of mine from Melbourne came out to hang with us for the day, and it turned into one of the best things. Spent some time around downtown Orlando. Found some alligator statues that Angelo wrestled, and a jumbo chair. Florida has really been giving us some good weather, perfect temperature and not much humidity!

After some food, and a quick load in the fun began. After a lot of talking we came to the conclusion that Rose’s boyfriend, Matt, looked so much like Zach Galifianakis, it was uncanny! So we decided we were going to play a prank on our buddy Stevie G. The goal? See exactly how far we could take this, and make him believe Zack had in fact come out to a Man On Earth show. It actually wasn’t that hard!! Poor guy. By the end of the night two ladies up at the bar had ruined all the fun for us. However now unfortunately I have to live with the fact that for the remainder of tour, Steve is going to be up every night trying to think of the best ways to get me back. That’s okay, I’ll start plotting my revenge as well.

Orlando was great, the boys played well, and the crowd was good, despite the fact that no one wanted to leave the upper bar area. Now we’re hitting the road for some beach rocking at Bamboo Willie’s in Pensacola. Come on out and join us for the next two days! We play at 10, so we expect to see you guys out there!
Oh, and ps. Buy some shirts!