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Sometimes hobo naps are the only way to go.

Day 11 – Day off Laundry & New Orleans

Days off aren’t exactly days off when it comes to tour. Usually it’s a lot of running around trying to get things done that you haven’t been able to do in-between shows and everything else, like laundry. After after a few days in Florida, and just the heat while we were still in the NY/PA area, we really needed to do laundry, and sometimes amazing things happen while you’re on the road as well.¬†

Pilot showers are just a staple when it comes to tour for us, it’s how we live, and we love it. And down here in the south, the people are genuine, and extremely kind and willing to help no matter what. While waiting in line to pay for our showers, a trucker in front of us heard us talking about getting a shower. He handed his pilot rewards card back to the cashier, and told her to see how many showers he had, he had 11. So he turned back around, asked how many showers we were going to need. Thanks to that very kind man, every single one of us got a free shower, and we can’t thank him enough. When moments like that happen, you’ve got to just pay it forward to someone else. Do something awesome, and something awesome will come back to you, karma is a gorgeous thing.

We stopped somewhere in Alabama, and did our laundry, and ate some damn good Chinese food. Did some great people watching outside in the parking lot while we ate as well. We hit the road to New Orleans for our day off. Nate and a few others have never been to the city, nor have a few others, so it was a great experience. One thing that I do have to say is, New Orleans has some crazy people. Seriously, you guys are characters. I don’t know what was more weird, people screaming ‘Coke and hoes. No cover!!’ or the crazed drunks stumbling about. After another night out on town, we packed up and headed back to Mississippi to prepare for our WCPR appearance the next morning. I do hope you guys tuned in earlier today for that one, cause it was a pretty spectacular thing!

Siri is a drunk. You’ve got to catch her at 11am-noon to get a sober answer out of her.

Hey Nashville, we’ve got merch! Have you brought your wallet!?

I’m all about the vagina. But when it comes to comedy, I’m all about the dick.