Daily Archives: September 20, 2012

Day 14 – Man On Earth vs. Louisville curfews

‘Bout fucking time we can all break out the hoodies. Seriously, Nothing makes us all happier than that. Oh, and being able to sleep with the windows open with no AC and the bus off. Although after all that time in the south I think we’ve grown very attached to the purr of that engine at night. Dinosaur land was probably the biggest highlight of our day, that’s clearly a lie. But it was pretty fucking awesome. 

Loading into the kitchen of a BBQ place in Louisville is probably the biggest tease to a band. There were multiple talks about hitching the smoker to the back of the bus. It could work, right? Late night BBQs in the parking lot of Walmart, we’d never get caught, definitely better than Angelo’s phone. Although those swinging kitchen doors could cause some serious injury to six people going in and out trying to load in equipment. There may have been some mishaps. 

A lot of our time before the show started was spent with most of us sitting around trying to update our iPhones to iOS6. Okay yes, we are that big of apple junkies, although can you blame us? The show was awesome, great crowd. However with the bar having a limit of underage kids not being allowed after 10pm, it messed up with them being able to see us. As everyone got kicked out a little bit into the first song. But everyone was absolutely awesome and hung around outside of the bar and watched from afar. I even went out and sold some merch outside, and we got to hang out with them a little after the show for the ones who were dedicated enough to wait till we finished our set. But all in all, Louisville was pretty awesome to us, and we can’t wait to come back. Next time we’ll make sure that something like this never happens. But you guys ROCKED for sticking around as long as you did.

And sometimes being the merch girl means you have to make sure one of the motion censored garage lights stays on while all the equipment gets loaded in. Oh, and I don’t recommend sleeping on the 6th bunk while the bus is moving. It’s pretty much like playing russian roulette. Nate’s been getting a kick out of that. We play at the Neon Armadillo tonight in Fort Wayne, IN! Free so we better see some faces!

Downtime well spent before our show tonight at Neon Armadillo in Fort Wayne, IN

Day 13 – Nashville

How many road closures do we have to go through before we can get to the damn venue? I mean seriously, whatever the eft is being built smack dab in the middle of the city, you need to let the GPS gods know, so we can better prepare ourselves for that shit. When Angelo drives things get a little confusing, like about where in the hell we’re supposed to park and load in our equipment. Only in Nashville will we find a sound guy as cool as Frank. If you weren’t at that show you missed a lot.

The conversations had during dinner before shows are always the best, specially when they involve Nate introducing Michaels to the waiter as his lover, and some salsa spicy enough to hit you in your special place. If anyone was singing the high notes that night, we know why. Little known fact, a good slice of pizza, or some great salsa is the way Man On Earth gets ready for shows. And what a great show it was, and we had some great friends, new and old come out to really make our night.

The only way to really take in a city, is to hit the streets for a few drinks with great company after a show, and that is exactly what we did. A little shenanigans took place, some phone stealing and certain Facebook or Twitter statuses were the result, but it was all laughs. Don’t worry Nashville, we’re definitely coming back. So spread the word, and make sure we have enough more friends to party with next time.

In a parking lot somewhere in Mississippi.