Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

Not-so-hostile take over

So, since we don’t have a Merch girl on this run, it’s up to me to take on the daily blog….

Michaels here, aka MoE Road Specialist…. It’s day one of the 2013 Motor Energy Tour, featuring Man on Earth, Gone by Daylight, and Flagship Romance….. Let the games begin!

Day one:
Everyone’s on board the bus, and we’re en route to Baltimore…..
This stretch of highway seems all too familiar. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve traipsed across the Jersey Turnpike headed south. I swear I even recognized some of the gas station attendants at the rest stops.
Mochello ate a salad for lunch, and says he’s swearing off pizza for this tour. I’ve heard the same kind of empty promises from some of my friends that grew up to be crackheads. I’m taking bets among the rest of the band as to how long he’ll last before the sauce-lust takes over and we find him in an alley behind a club with a slice of pepperoni mainlined into his arm….

Tonight we’re at Slante Pub in Baltimore. It’s an Irish pub and it’s Jameson tasting night there, so get down there. The snow storm was as much of an over-hyped disappointment as that Saddam hanging video, so Baltimore, you have no excuse not to come spend your evening with us tonight!