Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

The Hobo Kitchen

Planet Fitness and Root’s hobo kitchen

Day two of tour… After waking up at our friendly neighborhood Walmart, we headed off to Planet Fitness, Root’s newest money saving idea. Work out, showers….. Then off to breakfast.
Last tour, Root and I started our own Hobo Kitchen, a single burner propane cylinder with a sauce pan. We cooked some cans of soup, and saved a little bit of money on some meals. This go around, Root upped the ante and brought a two burner Coleman camping stove. Our newest convert, Stevie G, brought along a mini espresso percolator, and we had coffee and oatmeal… Nate and Mochello on the other hand missed the fun and went to Ihop… We’ll have them full fledged cult members in time. We have better KoolAid than Ihop.

Nate’s idea of bar hoppin’


Ah, the first show of the tour…. And completely unlike any Man on Earth show I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around for 4 years. Tonight was in a packed Irish pub, where the band played an entirely full band acoustic set. The last time that I saw them play more then one acoustic song was at collegefest in Boston when they played a short acoustic two piece set before they did the full band electric set opening for Asher Roth… It was great to see a lot of the songs that I’ve never heard acoustic broken down from their electric form. That being said, it was also fun to see Nate relive his go-go dancing days with some bar climbing antics during a high energy acoustic cover of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. I almost felt compelled to shove a dollar in his pocket! It’s possible that he fell too deeply in love too fast with our tour sponsor’s product, Motor Energy Drink…. That stuff is like liquid crack. Well, time to play DJ for Mochello as he drives the night shift. On to our home away from home, some random Walmart parking lot! The road beckons, later y’all