Daily Archives: March 9, 2013

The Instigator, the Narc, and the Fair Weather Friend

Every day you learn something new. On todays itinerary, Psychology 101.

Tensions mounted between Team Hobo Kitchen and Team Ihop. Nate and Mochello made a pizza power play, stealing Stevie G. from our camp.(for those of you keeping score, he lasted 2.5 days. That pays out at 3:1 if you got your bets in on time. He lasted a little longer than expected! Congratulations to the winners, you can collect at the next show)
So, if you watched todays video update, hopefully you learned a few things too.
1) Nate is the great instigator. (I did like that bit of Instakarma that slapped him in his corporate-food-loving stomach… Hope that iphone’s ok!
2) Stevie G’s a fair weather friend! Wave a slice of pizza under his nose and he goes all Benedict Arnold faster than Ricky Bobby on his best day.
3) Mochello’s a narc. He’ll do anything to ensure he can get his pizza fix, even if it means selling out his friends to the PO-9 in an effort to shut down our kitchen so pizza can be on the menu every meal….

Root and I had some fresh cooked cheeseburgers and have enough bread and cheese left over for grilled cheese tonight. I think this war is more aptly titled Team Road Warriors vs. Team Corporate Commandos….

Disclaimer: All feuds described herein are exaggerated for dramatic intensity.

College Towns and fan letters

Day 2: Elon, NC……

Tonight we played at the Collage Road Taphouse, right on the campus of Elon University. An interesting place for sure. I will say, they has some of the nicest staff we’ve ever worked with while on the road. Amazing people! And the crowd, while sparse, was just as amazing! Even though there was only a few handfuls of people, they rocked out as if it was a packed coliseum! At one point, during our tourmates Gone by Daylight’s set, a few over zealous, highly inebriated girls celebrating a 21st birthday walked on stage and refused to leave until they got to sing and make proper fools of themselves.

Along the way while you’re touring you come to terms with the fact that you won’t always be playing to a large audience. There are so many factors that affect the attendance of the gig, that sometimes, no matter how well you promote, you may be playing to a lot less people than you had hoped for. Tonight, though, we learned that we were Most likely sabatoged!!! Word on the street was that a competing bar spread the rumor that our show was a private function, and you had to be invited to show up…. It’s good thing I didn’t know this earlier in the night, I’ve seen enough college comedies to know how to retaliate in a total frat way…. Oh well…

The part of the night that squashed any ill feelings though was meeting the fan who had driven 2.5 hours just to come see us. And to top it of, at the end of the night, we found a fan letter taped to the bus! That brought back in everyone the feelings of why we’re really on the road. For the fans….

On a side note, I ran the lighting board today! It was a lot of fun, and no one died of an epiletical seizure, so in my book, that means it was successful. Look forward to doing it again!

Ok, I’m about to pass out, I’ll post pics tomorrow! peace!