Daily Archives: March 18, 2013

The great wide open

Day 12

Drive day

We are currently driving through western Texas, and I gotta tell ya, there is nothing here. The topography makes it way more enjoyable to drive through than say Kansas/Nebraska (not looking forward to that run next week), but I personally have always found lack of civilization in such barren areas disconcerting.
I find myself gaining a new respect for those who made their way across here on horseback, with out the luxury of rest stops or air conditioning, scrounging for water from cacti or praying to whatever deity they fancied for rain , eating nothing but jerky or whatever they hunted that day, (or cousin John if the occasion called for it)…..
The things we take for granted in the modern world are sometimes not even thought about until you’ve got hundreds of miles of nothingness staring right in your face.
This tour has three bands, comprised of thirteen people with all our gear, traveling all the way across the country and back all the while maintaining a relative modicum of comfort… in about a months time. It’s really an amazing thing to think about. This would have been next to impossible even just a hundred years ago. And y’all can follow us in real time? Giggity.

The Road So Far….

Sxsw (Days 8-11)

Still, after 4 days of being at Sxsw, I’m at a loss to be able to describe the sheer madness that is Austin, Tx during the festival. But, now that i have a moment of decompression back on the bus, I can try.
Sxsw….. Everywhere you turn there’s music playing. The streets are jam packed with all kinds of people: musicians, fans, street performers, vendors, topless hippies dancing, celebrities, nobodies… All busy with whatever business is in their minds.
Sxsw is strange like that. As a musician, opportunity is everywhere. But if you are self absorbed, or are just at sxsw for the party, those opportunities will literally walk right past you.
Not to say that partying isn’t a perk of the job. Sxsw has enough free food and booze to keep every homeless alcoholic in America content for a month of Sundays. The trick is to separate your work time from your play time. And in that environment it isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Friday was our day off, so that was our sxsw play day. When we got into town, we found this show at the British Music Embassy that had free fajitas and an open bar. We stayed there as long as we could endure the mediocre Scottish hip hop, then headed back over to see our new friends at the Rachel Ray House Party for some gourmet sausage sandwiches, with some Blue Moon and fresh sangria. We hung out there for a bit, then had to make our way back across town to catch our tour mates Gone by Daylight for one of their showcases. Once their set was done we went and picked up our friends from Land Shark Promotion Studios. We set out for this barbecue joint a ‘little ways’ out of Austin. By a ‘little ways’ I mean 45 minutes each way.
When we got there and walked inside it reminded me of a converted barn. We made our way down a long hallway where there was just a single door at the end. We went through the door, and entered into the kitchen. The room looked like a kitchen from 1875. At the counter, giant piles of sausage links sat piled up, and a huge slab of brisket waiting to be carved in to. Meat was ordered by the pound and placed on sheets of meat packing paper, no plates. We were also told that per tradition, there were no forks.
We all sat down and ate Viking style, imagining that we had just
hunted and slow cooked our own game, and were now eating our spoils in the most manly way possible, bare hands! After a delicious dinner, we made the trek along the barren highway back to Austin in order to catch Flagship Romance’s show and welcome them to the tour. After Sxsw they are with us for the rest of the run.
After their set I made a quick stop to see the guys from Denver’s My Body Sings Electric, then back across town to hang with Shinobi Ninja… Days off at sxsw are exhausting…
The next day was a show day for us, two shows actually. Promo all day, 7pm show, lug gear 2 blocks, more promo, 11pm show…. Busy, busy, busy…
It feels good to be back on the road today though. Sxsw is miles behind us, laundry is clean, and we’re on our to Tucson. The journey continues….