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Strike your colors, ya bloomin’ cockroaches!

Day 12: Tucson, Az

What’s in a name?
The Surly Wench Pub… Somethin about the name of last night’s club sent me on an uncontrollable tangent of speaking like the gravely voiced Capt’n Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. And there are few things more fun for me then talking in stupid accents. I often find myself slipping into different dialects with out even thinking.

We rolled in to Tucson, Arizona around midday. The sun was already high in the sky, and the arid heat took a toll on all of us. Nate especially had to take extra care of himself today. When a guitar, drum, amp, or other corporeal instrument breaks, you can borrow one from another band, or, as the case with us once in Virginia, from a complete stranger. You really can’t borrow another bands singers voice box… And we see how well lip syncing works out… (I.e. Milli Vanilli, Ashlee Simpson…..) If the singer is out of commission, shows are being canceled.
So, the doctor orders? Take it easy on the voice and drink lots of fluids. Water, tea, juice…. The dry air can really wreak havoc with a singers voice, especially one that isn’t acclimated to performing under such conditions. The cautionary actions payed off, and Nate’s voice survived. We have one more day in Arizona, so more of the same today.

Flagship Romance officially played their first show of the Motor Energy 2013 Tour last night, and they blew everyone away! Seeing Shawn Fisher perform was most definitely bittersweet. There were lots of memories of last year’s tour with Son of a Bad Man swirling around in my head.

Shawn and his girlfriend Jordyn comprise the acoustic duo that is Flagship Romance. Their style ranges from tender to haunting, and I guarantee you are a soulless freak if you didn’t at least at feel some sort of emotion at some point during their set. Tonight’s Rouge Bar in Scottsdale… Hope to see y’all there!

Sneak peek: Bombs Around Me video shoot, day 1

Sneak peak of the “Bombs Around Me” video shoot