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The Grand Canyon adventure


Day 18: The Grand Canyon

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing something first hand is worth a million pictures. The hundreds of pictures, countless pieces of film, and all the books that I’ve read describing it can’t come close to helping visualize the actuality of what the Grand Canyon is. Seeing the natural marvel with your own eyes should be on everybody’s bucket list. I’m not going to waste both of our time by trying to paint a picture with words of how amazingly breathtaking the views are. Bit of advice though, plan a full day or two to take it in when you go. We were only able to stop for a few hours because of time constraints, and it just wasn’t enough.
As a tradition, every tour we go on we try to stop at one must see spot. So far, Graceland, NASA, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and now the Grand Canyon have been crossed off the list.
We walked along the rim for a while, and I even convinced the guys to venture out on to a few cliff edges for some pics and a video update. Next time, I want to hike the trails to the bottom and explore a bit. Who’s in?