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Day 18: The Grand Canyon

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing something first hand is worth a million pictures. The hundreds of pictures, countless pieces of film, and all the books that I’ve read describing it can’t come close to helping visualize the actuality of what the Grand Canyon is. Seeing the natural marvel with your own eyes should be on everybody’s bucket list. I’m not going to waste both of our time by trying to paint a picture with words of how amazingly breathtaking the views are. Bit of advice though, plan a full day or two to take it in when you go. We were only able to stop for a few hours because of time constraints, and it just wasn’t enough.
As a tradition, every tour we go on we try to stop at one must see spot. So far, Graceland, NASA, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and now the Grand Canyon have been crossed off the list.
We walked along the rim for a while, and I even convinced the guys to venture out on to a few cliff edges for some pics and a video update. Next time, I want to hike the trails to the bottom and explore a bit. Who’s in?

Spielberg and Scorsese

Day 17: Vegas

We left L.A. last night right after the show, knocking a hour out of today’s drive time. While driving through the California desert I spied some scenery that would accent the ‘Bombs’ video superbly. We hopped off the interstate and set up shop at our second desert locale. (On a side note, this video is going to be AMAZING! The on location filming is going to shine in the final cut!)
After we were satisfied with the shots, we packed back up and continued on to Vegas.
Somewhere along the way I had an apostrophe. Lightning struck my brain. I thought it’d be cool to play off the leaving Stevie G behind in Tx video update by doing a video update in the style of the opening scene of The Hangover. (Appropriate, being that we were playing Vegas tonight). Nate immediately bit on the idea, and after some brainstorming, gold was born. (I’ll throw the link up on the feed here) I’m interested to get your thoughts on tour update #19…. So, tonight’s show is done, and the MoE/GBD convoy is headed to the Grand Canyon to meet up with Flagship Romance for a, wait for it, DAY OFF!!!! Can’t wait to see the canyon tomorrow!

Under the bridge downtown…

Day 16: L.A.!

Ever since I was a kid L.A. has been the land of legend. My mom used to watch C.H.i.P.s reruns, the news glamorized the movie premiers, musicians sung of it’s amazingness…. Even as a teen into my twenties L.A. was always a must visit city. My favorite tv show, 24, had most of its seasons filmed about saving the city. So, when we finally rolled up the freeway, Hollywood sign in the distance, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement.
In stark contrast to the concepts in my last blog, (maybe somebody on the bus read it, haha) we started the day by spending the afternoon in the eclectic Venice Beach. If I had to describe Venice Beach, I’d have to say that it’s like Coney Island on steroids. The boardwalk is jam packed with merchants selling all sorts of crazy wares, window food shops, pot clinics, and street performers. There’s a huge skate park right between the boardwalk and the beach, and the Pacific Ocean lies right on the other side of the beach. It was my first time hanging at the Pacific, so it was kind of a big moment in my mind. We hung out for a while watching the skaters biff out. There was also a film crew shooting some amazing boarders nailing some extremely tricky moves, making their twists and turns through the air look as easy as a college girl on spring break. After taking in the sights a bit, we headed toward downtown L.A. and got to experience a little bit of local culture on the way. (By that I mean traffic…. Tons of it)
Another fun show at another Irish pub, L.A. was good to us on our first time stopping there. Load out, then on the road again…..

Hangin with Michael Scott

It came to me today that being on tour is a lot like working in an office, where the person in the cubicle across from you has a really awesome screen saver….
In the two years I’ve been touring with Man on Earth, we’ve been up and down the east coast multiple times, and toured to sxsw in Austin, Tx. We’ve done a run down the east coast, over to New Orleans, up to Chicago and back… And now our current tour is taking us coast-to-coast-to-coast….. The funny, though, is that while I’ve seen so much of this country, I haven’t really been able to EXPERIENCE it yet. Through the bus window I’ve seen incredible vistas, mountains, deserts, lakes, oceans… And I’ve worked shows in many amazing cities. But, that’s just it. Those views just pass on by as the bus rambles on to the next town. And, with all the work that goes into making a gig successful, seeing the local sights in a city usually doesn’t happen either.
Last night was a prime example. San Diego had been on my bucket list of cities to go for a long time now. I finally made it! Well, I made it to a rock club, a gas station, and a semi-Cuban restaurant… The sad truth is we didn’t even make the beach, and there is a strong likelihood that we won’t today either. And tomorrow we’re off to Vegas…. Just another day at the office.