Daily Archives: April 4, 2013


Days 27 & 28: West Chester, PA/NYC day off

Last night kind of in a way felt like the last day of the tour, even though we still have 4 more shows left. We still have NYC, Hartford, Boston, and Northampton, Ma left, all of which I’m really looking forward to being at again, but to me, the bittersweetness of the show was palpable.

Last nights gig was at a venue called The Note, a club that was opened in 2008 by Jackass alumni Bam Margera. Somebody pulled some sort of jackass move, because after we loaded in we found out that the bars liquor license had been suspended for the day. It was as disappointing as finding a counterfeit c-note on the ground and not realizing it was fake until after you sent your mind on what you were going to spend it on. In spite of these stunning developments, the show went on.
After our set we had to bounce out fast so that Root could make his train home. Now the reason it feels like tours end is because I’m laying here typing this in New York City, and the only days we have left are in our normal markets. The adventure has come full circle. While in a sense these next few will be some of our biggest crowds on this tour, the mystique of rolling in to an unknown city, the Lewis and Clark like wonderment of experiencing something out of the ordinary, just isn’t there. Not to diminish our regional market at all! Here is the nexus of Man on Earth. New York is the heart that pumps us along the vein-like interstates, bringing us to all the country’s extremities. But it all comes back here.On the road, time is one of the weirdest concepts to wrap your head around. About a month ago we set out from the very place I’m laying right now to conquer a loop around the US. Now we’re back on our home turf. It’s time to show you what we learned on the road! These next 4 shows are our victory dance!