Daily Archives: April 6, 2013


Day 29: New York City

“We are Man on Earth, from New York F@#&$in’ City!!!!!”
This slightly risqué interjection usually comes out of Nate’s mouth early in the set, at every on the road gig. Like most New Yorkers, the guys are proud of their hometown, so after being on the road for a month, the anticipation and energy for playing a home show was emitting off of each one of them like radiation from a 1986 Chernobylian otter.
We were back at the Studio at Webster Hall, a mid sized yet intimate NYC venue that we played at last year with our friends American Authors.
This time we were on the bill with iamdynamite, The Virgin Marys, and of course, Gone by Daylight. The crowd came early, and even though GBD had a 7:30 set time, the room was packed. GBD always gets the audiences blood moving, so by the time Man on Earth took stage the crowd was like warm apple pie.
Having a day at home with their families let them shake off any weariness that may have settled in after a month out, so, when Mochello’s last count in on ‘Bombs’ rang out and the lights came blaring on, Man on Earth roared to life, taking the stage with the confidence of a fictionalized 13th century painted faced Scottish warrior. The attitude stayed throughout the set, and by the time Bang Bang Bitch came on the crowd was moving like a pack of wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men.
The after home show parties are always the best, friends and family all together, in almost a faux barbaric post-battle feast. That’s also part of the brilliance of routing a tour without making the hometown the last stop. The high of the home show carries through, making the crescendo of the tour a multidate explosion. Three more to go!!!