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Day 1: Treehouse Lounge- Washington, D.C.

Day 1: Treehouse Lounge

Washington, D.C.

….And we’re back! …And just as quickly, show #1 was wrapped up and in the books.
Last night’s show was at what I’ve come to consider a typical smaller D.C. venue, a small upstairs room that vaguely reminds me of my first apartment. Many of these smaller venue’s sound systems just don’t have the power to properly handle our sound, at times it kinda feels like trying to catch a waterfall in a paper cup, but we always make due and by the end of the first song we had everything leveled out.
Luck seemed to be with us, as the club owner told us that there was a fraternity pledge happening in the venue’s lower room, and the only active bar was upstairs where the stage was! And then we realized it was a fraternity for the hearing impaired! We had a few of the students stick around, but my ASL is super limited, so I don’t think they were able to fully enjoy the show.

I am trying to convince Mochello to put out a ‘Pizza across America’ blog so feel free to harass him about that. I actually encourage the harassment.

After waking up in the familiar haunts of a Walmart parking lot, we are on our way now to Charlotte, Nc. And if we don’t find coffee soon, I might fall back asleep.

Oh! And a big thank you to Melanie from Baltimore for the care packages last night! They were chock full of useful road life things! Thanks again!